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Open Tournaments

  Golf Association
National Forest Championship
National Forest Shield
Nottingham Open Championship
Diamond Jubilee Bowl
East Midlands Championship
Hopewell Cup
Nottingham Advanced Weekend
Memento Mori Trophy
2018 Jayne Stevens Richard Bilton David Maugham James Death
2017 John-Paul Moberly Rachel Rowe Ian Lines Mark Avery
2016 Martin French Ian Burridge Paddy Chapman Phillip Scarr
2015 John-Paul Moberly Rachel Rowe David Maugham Ian Lines
2014 William Gee Lionel Tibble Jack Wicks Ian Lines
2013 William Gee Rachel Rowe Robert Fulford James Death
2012 Rachel Rowe Ryan Cabble Paddy Chapman Robert Wilkinson
2011 William Gee First played in 2012 Ian Lines Paddy Chapman
2010 First played in 2011   David Maugham James Death
2009     David Maugham Richard White
2008     David Maugham  
2007     Chris Clarke  
2006     Chris Clarke  
2005     David Maugham  
2004     Robert Fulford  
2003     Robin Brown  
2002     Jonathan Kirby  
2001     David Goacher  
2000     Dave Kibble  
1999     Ian Vincent  
1998     Keith Aiton  
1997     Brian Hallam  
1996     Roger Tribe  

Golf Croquet Tournaments
Ashby B Level Nottingham B Level
Treasurer's Bowl
Ashby C Level Nottingham C Level Bass Shield Coors Cup
2018 David Ball Noel Gill - Mike Hedge Marsh, Bills & Reed Peter Reed
2017 Stuart M Smith Ross Bagni   - - King, O'Brian & C Mounfield Christopher Jackson
2016 Roger I'Anson Ross Bagni   - - Bell, Whiting & Buckley David Bell
2015 David Widdison Jayne Stevens   Louis McMeeken Joan Skuse Bell, Whiting & Buckley Michael O'Brian
2014 Christopher Jackson Leslie Heard   Roy Donner Ian Hill Bell, Whiting & Hall David Bell
2013   Andrea Huxley   Sandy Brown Irmgard Finnigan Bell, Whiting & Whittaker Michael O'Brian
2012 First played in 2013 ? Terrey Sparks   Dorothy Evans O’Brian, R Mounfield & C Mounfield Christine Mounfield
2011   David Ball   First played in May 2012 Wroughton, R Mounfield & C Mounfield Ray Mounfield
2010   Christopher Roberts       Gee, R Rowe & A Rowe Arthur Rowe
2009   Roger Berkeley       Wright, Lambert & Hansen Timothy King
2008   Patricia Duke-Cox       Southwell Arthur Rowe
2007   William Gee       Haytack, A Rowe & C Mounfield Christine Mounfield
2006   First played in 2007       Martin, Robson & Seagrave Mick Seagrave
2005           R Mounfield, C Mounfield & March Barrie March
2004           Ashby  
2003           Ashby  

Association Croquet Tournaments
Nottingham August Week Ashby B Level
National Forest AC Trophy
Nottingham B Level
Sage Bowl
Robin Hood Gold Cup
Advanced B Level C Level D Handicap  Handicap Doubles
2018 Alex McIntyre Omied Hallam Michael Finnigan Alex McIntyre Diana Plant Sanaa Hallam & Mary Ashworth - Gary Bennett
2017 Richard Forman John Davis Michael Finnigan Betty Bates Mark Lansdale Ian Draper & Alex McIntyre - Kevin Carter
2016 Anna Giraud Joel Taylor Charlie Martin Neal Bacon Rena Souten Omied Hallam & Neal Bacon David Marsh Omied Hallam
2015 Sophie McGlen Joel Taylor Michael Finnigan Ann Brookes Vivienne Staley Omied Hallam & Ian Draper Adam Moliver Annabel McDiarmid
2014 Ian Draper James Death Roger Staples Anna Giraud Sophie McGlen Omied Hallam & Ian Draper - Joel Taylor
2013 Roger Berkeley Sanaa Hallam Richard Meacock Roger Berkeley Ian Draper Geoff Young & Barbara Young Richard Sanville Rachel Rowe
2012 Dave Gunn Alain Giraud Omied Hallam Roger Berkeley Judith Moore John Davis & Judith Moore Dave Gunn Sanaa Hallam
2011   Alain Giraud Robert Thompson       Clive Goode Robert Wilkinson
2010   E John Davis Wendy Betteridge       First played in 2011 Richard Huxley
2009 Peter Moore James Death Rachel Rowe Cliff Daniel Peter Moore James Death & Janet Booker   Richard Huxley
2008 William Gee William Gee Barbara Young Rachel Rowe David Woodhouse Ian Vincent & Susan Wileman   Richard White
2007 William Gee William Gee David Brydon Michael Finnigan Derek Blow Geoff Young & Barbara Young   Dean Bennison
2006   Ailsa Lines David Brydon         Dean Bennison
2005   Paul Salisbury Robert Edlin-White         Paul Rigge
2004   Roger Jenkins           Jed Allen
2003   James Death John Filsak         John Haslam
2002   David Harrison-Wood John Filsak         Jed Allen
2001   James Death Rick Davis          
2000   Robin Brown Rick Davis         Jed Allen
1999   Lawrence Whittaker            
1998   James Death Peter Hallett          
1997   James Death            
1996   David Harrison-Wood            
1995   Peter Death Alain Giraud          
1994   David Harrison-Wood Boris Dourthe          
1993   Gordon Hopewell James Death          
1992   Brian Hallam            
1991   Brian Hallam            
1990   Chrs Haslam            
1989   Chris Clarke            
1988   David Maugham            
1987   Keith Aiton            
1986   Danny Palmer            
1985   John Walters David Goacher          

Handicap Tournaments
  Association Golf
The Peel Memorials (First played in 1898) Beginners' Tournament
Jim Kirby Cup
Ashby Veterans Ashby Ladies
Perry Bowl
Lincolnshire Handicap
Silver Challenge Bowl
Silver Challenge Bowl
Lady Murray Silver Challenge Cups
2018 Richard Stevens Patricia Duke-Cox Omied Hallam & Philippine Hallam Mike Hedge Mick Haytack   -
2017 Andrew Beaumont Sophie McGlen Omied Hallam & Viv Staley Paul Maguire Terrey Sparks Julie Boulton Leslie Vogel
2016 Charles Ostler Philippine Hallam Charles Ostler & Susan Wileman Mary Ashworth   Julie Boulton Bernard Johnson
2015 Omied Hallam Philippine Hallam David Brydon & Julie Horsley   Ray Mounfield Pauline Donner Mary Timms
2014 Omied Hallam Beatrice McGlen Nelson Morrow & Clare Benson Vivienne Staley Mick Haytack - Roy Donner
2013 Back to Nottingham in 2014, after over 40 years away Adrian Byrne Christine Mounfield - First played in 2014 ?
2012       Ian Draper First played in 2013 -  
2011       Rebranded in 2012   -  
2010           -  
2009           -  
2008           Rachel Rowe  
2007           Eileen Buxton  
2006           Rachel Rowe  
2005           Christine Mounfield  
2004           Marilyn Murray  

Woodhall Spa Golf Croquet Tournaments
Lincoln Cup Weekend Jubilee Challenge Trophy Invitation Day
  Doubles Singles



2018 Roy Donner & Pauline Donner Roy Donner Jim Forgham, Roy Donner & Pauline Donner Paul Durkin & Jane Tewson
2017 Michael Bilton & Sarah Mawer     Michael Bilton, Anthony Fisher & Valerie Fisher  
2016 Michael Bilton & Richard Bilton Ralph Timms Pauline Donner    
2015 Michael Bilton & Richard Bilton Michael Bilton Pauline Donner Michael Bilton, Richard Bilton & Anthony Fisher Michael Bilton & Richard Bilton
2014 Michael Bilton & Richard Bilton Richard Bilton Pauline Donner Michael Bilton, Richard Bilton & Anthony Fisher Michael Bilton & Richard Bilton
2013 Kathleen Wright & Sue Jackson Roy Ware Eileen Buxton Michael Bilton, Anthony Fisher & Valerie Fisher  
2012 Southwell     Anthony Fisher, Anthony Hesp & Joan Hesp  
2011 Michael Bilton & Richard Bilton     First played in 2012  
2010 Michael Bilton & Richard Bilton        
2009 North Hykeham        
2000 Woodhall Spa        
1999 Woodhall Spa        
FEMCC 2018