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What is the difference between the two forms of croquet?

In Golf Croquet players contest each hoop in turn, moving on to the next as soon as each one is scored.  Balls are played in strict sequence and each player has one shot per turn.
In Association Croquet there is only one player on the lawn and each player may start his turn with either of his balls.  He can use the other balls to continue his turn and might (if he’s good) run several hoops in one turn – rather like snooker.  There is a simplified version of Association called Garden Croquet which is a good way to start - see the Croquet Association website.

Which form is easier to play?

Golf Croquet is generally considered to be an easier way to start playing croquet.  Both forms of the game start with simple ideas but offer rich opportunities for tactical thinking.  The result is a combination of skill and strategy not normally found in outdoor games.

Does one play singles or doubles?

Both forms can be played as singles or doubles.  In singles each player has two balls, in doubles each player has one.

Where can I find out more?

On the Croquet Association website.

How can I try it out?
Talk to your nearest club – all our clubs welcome new members; the only requirements are an interest in the game and a pair of flat-soled shoes.

 Is it expensive?
Clubs provide hoops, balls and mallets, so your only cost is your club subscription which is not expensive – much less than golf clubs for example.